By Alan Prahl

For a limited time, you can attend FISC’s life-changing The Power of Money workshop at no cost. Thanks to a grant from The Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America®, there is no fee to attend the workshop in 2018

The Power of Money workshop has helped thousands of people to reduce debt, prepare for unexpected expenses, save more and have financial peace of mind. This three-week class is offered every month at the Goodwill Community Center in Menasha. Whether you are just getting started budgeting or want to pick up some ideas to fine tune your finances, this is an easy way to gather ideas about stretching and managing money.

Registration is easy. Simply call FISC at 920-886-1000 or go online to Class sizes are limited, so please call now or go online to reserve a place.

According to an attendee, “The Power of Money workshop changed our lives. With three young children and one income, we were constantly stressed by unexpected expenses. We disagreed and argued about money. The stress was hard on our marriage.

“The Power of Money helped us understand how quickly everything adds up and taught us how to budget. We learned how to save for emergencies and for occasional expenses like car repairs, Christmas and medical bills. Talking about money became a lot less stressful.

“We recommend the Power of Money to anyone who wants more peace of mind about money.”