Meet Our Team

All of the financial counselors who serve you have completed in-depth courses and an examination through the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Inc.
They regularly attend continuing education programs to maintain their knowledge and more effectively serve you. Counselors participate in monthly meetings to discuss new developments and quality improvement measures.

Bottom line: We are here to help you.

Learn more about our counselors below:



Education & Marketing Leader

How long with FISC: Since 2000

Areas of expertise:  Alan teaches on a wide variety of personal financial topics, such as managing cash flow, building budgets that work, saving regularly, reducing debt, and effectively setting and reaching goals.

What I like about working at FISC:

We have the opportunity to provide life changing education and counseling. I love our focus on offering practical financial solutions! FISC has a legacy of helping people find long-lasting answers to their financial problems.

What consumer challenges do I hear most often?

My paycheck is shrinking! People are frustrated because it seems like there are always unexpected expenses. Just when they start to get caught up, something else comes up that they have to pay.

Single piece of financial advice:

Take a closer look at those “unexpected” expenses. While many expenses don’t happen on a monthly basis, we know they will happen.



Leader of Debt Management and Payment Partner

How long with FISC: Since 2001

In my role as a DMP Specialist, I work as a mediator between the clients and the creditors; contacting creditors for payment proposals, setting up payment plans, disbursing payments and responding to clients’ concerns.

Throughout the years the struggles have remained the same for clients. When the clients start their Debt Management Plan, things can be overwhelming and even a little frightening for some.  I’ve enjoyed working with them on their journey from the first payment until the last.  I consider myself, the client, and the counselor a team and when we work together, they can achieve their goal of being debt free.

It’s a pleasure to help clients anyway I can. We’re here to help you!



Consumer Credit & Housing Counselor

How long with FISC: Since 2010

What I like working at FISC:

This is a position I love, actually making a difference in people’s lives, helping them develop and learn  skills they can continue to use for the rest of their life.

What consumer challenges do I hear most often?

I have found People have tendencies to blame themselves for their financial situations, when in fact they were never taught how to really handle finances. You cannot perform in any position without proper training or education. I love to see the excitement when they fully understand how to handle finances and realize their situation is not nearly as bad as they thought.

Single piece of financial advice:

Forgive yourself for the current situation, prioritize your bills and spending and then develop a plan of action.


FISC Team Satellite Leader (NWTC Financial Coach)

How long with FISC: Since 2014

Areas of expertise: Meeting with students at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay about budgeting, credit, debt management and student loans as well as presenting to classrooms and for workshops mostly on money management.

What I like about working at FISC:

I love working with people. I love helping people to reach their financial goals and make a difference in someone’s life.

What consumer challenges do I hear most often?

I see many clients who are living paycheck to paycheck and just trying to get by each day. Some clients are unsure of how they will make rent the next month.

Single piece of financial advice:

Live frugally, pay yourself first and make S.M.A.R.T. financial goals.


Receptionist at FISC

How long with FISC: Since 2017

Areas of expertise: Customer service with a focus on meeting individual needs.

What I like about working at FISC: I like helping to guide people in the right direction and get them started working with FISC.

What consumer challenges do I hear the most? Online financial counseling can be challenging. We are here to help.

Single piece of financial advice: Be willing to make sacrifices to reach your goals.


Financial counselor at LEAVEN

How long with FISC: Since 2017

Areas of expertise: I help people find hope in their financial situation and set goals to improve their lives.

What I like about working at FISC: FISC promotes a team approach and offers a variety of services for clients to meet their financial goals.

What consumer challenges do I hear the most? People come to us in crisis and feel embarrassed about it. We try to focus on positive outcomes and options to encourage them as they move forward.

Single piece of financial advice: Ask for help. Forgive yourself. Set financial priorities. Develop and follow an action plan.


Administrative assistant at FISC

How long with FISC: Since 2016

Areas of expertise: Administrative office management with a focus on costumer service, helping team members and clients achieve their goals.  

What I like about working at FISC: Even if only play a small role in the process, I like that I’m helping improve someone’s future. At FISC, we work as a team to help our clients with their personal finance goals.

What consumer challenges do I hear the most? How to handle and copy with unexpected life events like loss of a job or a change in household income.

Single piece of financial advice: Be persistent. Even small steps lead you closer and closer to financial freedom.



Financial Counselor

How long with FISC: Since 2014

Areas of expertise: Becky works with clients of all incomes, giving practical advice on budgeting, reducing debt, building credit and changing habits to meet their long term goals.  She teaches classes at the homeless shelter plus other financial workshops in the community.

What I like about working at FISC:

Our focus is to help people get past their financial struggles and toward financial fitness. I like that we both counsel and coach. Let’s deal with the immediate financial issue first. Then, by continuing the relationship, we coach our clients toward their financial goals. I like hearing our clients’ story and strategizing with them for the outcomes they want. We often hear clients say, “I’m so glad I came, I have hope now.”

What consumer challenges do I hear most often?

Unexpected events throw clients’ finances into a tail spin. Unemployment, health issues or divorce can quickly drain their emergency funds. People are faced with difficult financial decisions while they’re also dealing with difficult, sometimes heartbreaking, personal decisions. It can be overwhelming.

Single piece of financial advice:

It’s easy to let expenses rise to meet income, spending all that we earn, and living in the moment. I encourage people to save a portion of every paycheck. The money you don’t see is the money you don’t spend. Then it will be there for future expenses… and future fun!



Consumer Credit Counselor

How long with FISC: Since 2007

Areas of expertise:  One on one confidential financial counseling to help resolve troubles with money and discover peace of mind. Diane teaches on a variety of subjects. She provides workshops which include information on identity theft, credit, budgeting tips that work, affordable debt payment options, and other personal money management topics. Success is achieved by setting goals which are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely.

What I like about working at FISC:

The meaningful work we do which improves the life of the individuals and families we meet. The techniques and information we share has a long lasting positive impact on people’s standard of living. There is more time and freedom to focus on whom and what matters the most to us when a financial plan is in place.

What consumer challenges do I hear most often?

I do not have enough money to budget!  Feelings of frustration over ongoing struggles with money are often voiced.  Efforts have been made in the past, but it never seemed to make a difference.

Single piece of financial advice:

Often it is more than just one issue that is causing people to feel stuck in a rut.  List your challenges that are keeping you from moving forward and reaching your goals. Prioritize and select the top one or two issues you would like to begin resolving, create a plan to make improvements, and set a start date to begin working on them.



Consumer Credit Counselor

How long with FISC: Since 2010

Areas of expertise: The areas I spend most of my time in is working with clients on their bankruptcies or student loan debt.  I work to help them understand their rights and how it is most beneficial to them.  I go out into the community and speak about both of these subjects and try to educate them on how to proceed without being taken advantage of.

What do I like about working at FISC:

I like the interaction with so many people.  The way everyone’s only concern is taking care of our clients.  How the leadership teams allows us the freedom to be ourselves.  They guide us to make sure we are following the expectations and create a true team atmosphere to help maximize our talents to the fullest.

What consumer challenges do I hear most often?

Every situation is different.  The most common situation is the amount of debt that clients come to us with.  Medical debt is probably the most common, but student loan debt is becoming more and more common.

Single piece of financial advice:

It would be make sure to take care of you “needs” over your “wants”.  Clients come to us thinking their credit card debt, medical debt, or any other unsecured debt is the top priority.  Make sure you take care of your housing, utilities, food, and yourself before those debts.  There is always help available and have the courage to take advantage of it.


Team satellite leader (FVTC Oshkosh financial coach)

How long with FISC: Since 2016

Areas of expertise: Working with students on budgeting, credit, debt, student loans and approaching finances from a holistic viewpoint. Nikki also offers workshops that cover areas of saving money, reducing debt, building credit and working toward future goals.

What I like about working at FISC: I believe knowledge is power. Being able to pass on knowledge about finances with no ulterior motive to consumers allows them to become empowered and take control of their financial lives. I know this will have an impact on them for years to come. Being able to help them on this road is very gratifying.

What consumer challenges do I hear the most? Living paycheck to paycheck and being unable to save money. This leads to high amounts of stress when emergencies occur.

Single piece of financial advice: There are a million articles about finances and how to improve them. Find the tools that work for you and leverage them the best you can. Not every tip works for everyone. Do what works for you, not what works for everyone else.


Debt management specialist at FISC

How long with FISC: Since May 2018

Areas of expertise: I set up debt management plans (DMP) with the individual creditors, monitor client DMPs and help clients when there is an issue with their DMP.

What I like about working at FISC: Having been a prevous client of FISC, I like that I am now able to help people  improve their financial health and encourage them as they go through this process, as the team members did for me.

What consumer challenges do I hear the most? We don’t get ourselves into the position of needing help from FISC overnight. However, we often want a quick fix. Often, clients want things to go more quickly than they do, and they need to be encouraged to continue with the program when it seems to them like they’ve been paying on a DMP forever. I have to remind them that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Single piece of financial advice: You are not alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.