By Alan Prahl

Do you wish you had more money in savings? Maybe you’d like to eliminate credit card bills or other debt? You’re not alone.

Setting realistic resolutions for the new year can help us reach our goals. Here are a few quick tips:

Think of one thing you want to be different. Then, set a specific, reachable goal. For example, saying, “I want to pay off my debt” is a start, but it’s not very specific.

Try this instead: “By bringing my coffee from home rather than buying coffee on the way to work, I will use the money I’ve saved to pay off my Visa bill in six months.” Don’t go cold turkey and quit coffee! Buy a better brand of coffee to make at home. Enjoy the taste and the savings.

Remember to set realistic goals. Saving 40% of your paycheck would not be realistic for most of us! Save what you can and set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to savings or an investment account.

FISC can help you create financial strategies that work. You can have a free consultation for up to 30 minutes to help you assess your situation and discuss your options. To talk with a counselor on call contact our Menasha office at 920-886-1000 or 800-366-8161.