Coordinated Financial Solutions

The FISC Financial Coach app offers short animated videos on topics like “Why You Need an Emergency Fund and How to Save for It” and “To Save for Your Goals, Pay Yourself First.” You can watch videos about our counseling and other services and read articles like “Know Your Net Worth.” Download this free app at Google Play and the App Store.

The Power of Money workshop offers a deeper dive into the budgeting and planning principles in the FISC Financial Coach. Through classroom presentations and discussion, we explore common obstacles to financial strength, explain the financial planning lifecycle and identify specific steps to reach your goals. For more information visit

The FISC Financial Coach and Power of Money workshop include links to free downloadable worksheets on the FISC web site

Financial Counseling and Coaching can help you get a clear picture of your financial situation and identify options to improve it. Talking with a financial counselor can reduce anxiety and help you create a spending plan that fits your life. To learn more visit

Debt Management Plans (DMPs) are one of the options counselors may recommend. DMPs are voluntary repayment plans that help people repay their debt in a reasonable timeframe. To learn more visit

Payment Partner offers a Representative Payee service for people receiving Social Security, veterans’ benefits or pensions, who are unable to manage their finances; and Bill-Paying for retirees and busy people.

Financial Wellness workshops are available for employers and other organizations.