Behind on Mortgage Payments


If you are behind on your mortgage payments, you are not alone. Many people who never expected to be in this situation are having a difficult time making their mortgage payments. You may be worried about losing the home you worked so hard to get.

Being in this situation can be a shock. People find it difficult to understand the technical terms and confusing language in some past due notices. Feeling overwhelmed, they may waste time wondering who they can talk to or trust.

It’s wise to be careful, because you want to avoid foreclosure rescue scams. But, homeowners facing foreclosure have legal rights, so it’s important that you take action promptly to learn about your rights and options.

Foreclosure is a time consuming and expensive process for the lender and homeowner. Therefore entering into a repayment loan or modification can be advantageous for both but does not happen in every case. If you are behind on your mortgage payments or facing foreclosure, contact us as soon as possible. Our counselor can work with you to get all of the required documentation sent in to your lender. We can advise you on the process and help you understand what to expect.

To get started now, click here to begin the process online. Once you have submitted your information online, we will contact you within one business day to arrange a time for a counselor to call you.

Loan Modification Scam Alert

Homeowners facing foreclosure worry about losing their home and look for solutions to keep their home. They need to watch out for scammers. Scammers may have legitimate sounding titles, guarantee that they can help homeowners avoid foreclosure, or claim to be affiliated with the U.S. Government. Some may ask for a fee in advance or tell homeowners to stop paying their mortgage company and to pay them instead.

Responsible organizations want you to avoid these and other traps. To learn more about loan modification scams, visit