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Personal Financial Worksheets and Resources

Sixty percent of people who use our services say that creating a budget is one of their goals, followed by building savings (59%) and relieving stress (55%). To help people get started, FISC offers resources at no charge that are used in The Power of Money Workshopand by our financial counselors.

The Monthly Expense Worksheet is an essential budgeting tool. You can print or download an Excel Monthly Expense Worksheet or view/print an example of a completed Monthly Expense Sheet.  Start by filling in your expenses under the monthly column. At the bottom right, compare your net monthly income and monthly expenses to see if you have a surplus or a deficit. Use the revised column to work on a new budget or create a budget that balances.

With the Spending Plan Worksheet, you can build a budget and identify whether expenses will be paid using cash/debit checking or savings. You can print or download an Excel Spending Plan Worksheet or view/print an example of a completed Spending Plan Worksheet.

The Net Worth Worksheet summarizes assets you own, debt and your net worth. You can print or download an Excel Net Worth Worksheet (statement of financial position) or view/print an example of a completed Net Worth Worksheet. It is smart to complete this annually, checking on your emergency fund, retirement savings, amount of debt and net worth.

We often spend more money than we realize. Tracking or writing down our spending can help us be more aware of what we are spending. Carry a blank tracker with you. As you buy things, write down the amount you spent in the appropriate category. This is for in-person spending, not for regular bills like a cellphone bill. If you forget your tracker sheet, save your receipts and write down the amount you spent later. You can print a Pocket-size Tracker or Tracker Worksheet. For more information on technology-based tracking tools click here.

Online Bankruptcy Counseling and Education

People who are filing for bankruptcy are required to receive pre-filing credit counseling and complete a pre-discharge education class from an approved agency.

To learn more about FISC’s online Bankruptcy counseling and education, please click here.

Online learning through ACCE

The following online courses are offered through the American Center for Credit Education (ACCE).

Cut through the Confusion on Health Insurance and Medical Bills: Medical insurance can be confusing and frustrating. Do you understand co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance? Do you know how to review your bill, ask questions about procedures or appeal decisions? Cut Through the Confusion can help you understand the health insurance process and manage medical costs. This works on computers, laptops and mobile phones. Click here.

Financially Frozen: If you’re tired of struggling with debt or want to handle your money better, Financially Frozen can help you make positive changes. Learn why financial goals and a budget are so important, plus how to improve your credit, get out of debt and protect your money. Stop feeling frozen in place and start living the life you want. Click here.

Start Right: Build Your Own Business: If you dream of running your own business you’ll like this course, which guides you step-by-step through the process of turning your dream into reality. Learn how to write a thorough business plan, find money, advertise and run your business. This easy-to-understand information will help you avoid many common, costly mistakes. This is available as a hands-on workbook or as an online program. Click here.

Credit When Credit is Due: Your credit history affects your ability to get a loan, car and home insurance and even some jobs. Your history details what loans and lines of credit you have taken out, how much credit you are using and how well you have repaid your debts. By taking this course, you’ll get the information you need to get and keep your finances and credit on track. Click here.

Rebuilding Your Credit a Guide to a Brighter Future: Do you want to reestablish or improve your credit? This online course covers reviewing your credit and credit score, correcting errors, options to pay off debt, using credit carefully, protecting yourself from scams and identity theft and much more. Click here.

Home Budget Planning Guide

For your convenience, FISC offers home budgeting and planning tools. Choose from the one month version or larger annual version.