Financial Counseling

Financial counseling can help you get a clear picture of your financial situation and the options available to improve it. We provide budget, debt, student loan and housing counseling. To give you the best service possible, please fill out our forms and tell us about your situation.

Filling out these forms:

  • Helps you prepare to talk with your counselor
  • Gives us a clearer understanding of your situation
  • Will help you move forward and get relief more quickly

You can have a Free Consultation with a FISC financial counselor. Simply go to Get Out of Debt Now and choose one of the three options to contact us.

What Our Clients Are Saying

My sincere gratitude to everyone at FISC for helping me through the most difficult time in my life. I had always had a great credit score and paid my bills on time. Then I had a turn of events in my life-illness, medical bills and reduced income. I started to use credit cards and fell deeper in debt. But, never did one of your counselors treat me with anything but the utmost respect. Thank you everyone. You are such an asset to our community.” FISC Client

$25 Financial Counseling Appointment

If you pursue financial counseling, $25 will be collected at the first counseling appointment. If you are unable to pay the $25, please mention that to your counselor. We may be able to waive the fee if you qualify.

Cash and money orders made payable to FISC are accepted at all offices. Debit card payments are available at most FISC offices. Please ask about payment options.