Debt Management Plans

Debt Management Plans (DMPs) are voluntary repayment plans that allow you to repay your debts in a reasonable time frame. With a DMP, you make one payment per month to us and we pay each of your creditors.

Benefits of a DMP

-Lower interest rates                              -One simple monthly payment

-End collection calls                                -Debt free in three to five years

-Eliminate late & overlimit fees           -An alternative to bankruptcy

Is there a charge for this service?

There is a one-time $25 charge for counseling. (Even if you have several appointments, it’s just a one-time fee.) If you sign up for a DMP, there is a fee of 10% of the monthly payment up to a maximum of $50 per month to administer the plan. The savings from signing up on a DMP will far outweigh the monthly service fee, creditors will stop calling and you’ll get out of debt.

How do I get started with a DMP?

A certified financial counselor can help you review your situation and determine if a DMP is right for you. Simply go to Get Out of Debt Now and choose one of the three options to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will creditors continue with their finance charges?

How does using consumer credit counseling affect my credit report?

Will my employer or creditors know if I have an appointment with FISC?

What our clients are saying


It is fun to open the letter from you each month and see how much we have paid off using our debt management plan. Since we started one year ago, we have paid off over $11,000, paid off two credit cards and have several that are almost paid off. We would not have been able to do this without you!