Bankruptcy Basics —
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To register for Pre-Filing Credit Counseling or Pre-Discharge Education, read the next three paragraphs and use the appropriate link below these paragraphs for either Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Counseling or Pre-Discharge Education.

People who are filing for bankruptcy are required to receive Pre-Filing Credit Counseling from an approved agency before they can file. You will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of your counseling session. Give this to your attorney so that you can file. This is the First Certificate.

After filing with the Bankruptcy court, you must attend a Pre-Discharge Education Class from an approved provider. When you complete the class, you will be given the pre-discharge education Certificate of Completion. This is the Second Certificate.

The Pre-Filing Counseling and Pre-Discharge Education course must be received from an organization that has been approved by the Executive Office of the United States Bankruptcy Trustee (EOUST). FISC has been approved to issue certificates in compliance with the bankruptcy code to clients in the state of Wisconsin. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of a provider’s service.

Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Counseling is available in person, by telephone and online.

The Pre-Discharge Education is available in person at workshops and online.

Use these links to register or to learn more about your options:

Pre-Filing Bankruptcy Counseling-The First Certificate

Pre-Discharge Education-The Second Certificate

Bankruptcy — To Resume Your Incomplete Bankruptcy Session

Attention, returning online bankruptcy clients. If you already have started your online bankruptcy course, do not sign in again on the FISC website. Instead, refer to the email you received with your User ID and Password  for the ACCE bankruptcy site. There should be a link to the ACCE website on that email.

Pre-filing Bankruptcy Counseling-The First Certificate
Pre-discharge Education-The Second Certificate