FISC is offering several new online courses through the American Center for Credit Education. The following provide details about each course and a link to the website for more information and to sign up.

Financially Frozen: If you’re tired of struggling with debt or want to handle your money better, Financially Frozen can help you make positive changes. Learn why financial goals and a budget are so important, plus how to improve your credit, get out of debt and protect your money. Stop feeling frozen in place and start living the life you want. Click here.

Start Right — Build Your Own Business: If you dream of running your own business you’ll like this course, which guides you step-by-step through the process of turning your dream into reality. Learn how to write a thorough business plan, find money, advertise and run your business. This easy-to-understand information will help you avoid many common, costly mistakes. This is available as a hands-on workbook or as an online program. Click here.

Check Wise: A checking account can help you accomplish your financial goals, plus save the cost of using check-cashing services. Check Wise can help you learn the basics of handling a checking account wisely, plus learn how to use online banking and bill pay services, write checks, reconcile your account and more. Click here. A Spanish version of the class also is available. Click here.

Credit When Credit is Due: Your credit history affects your ability to get a loan, car and home insurance and even some jobs. Your history details what loans and lines of credit you have taken out, how much credit you are using and how well you have repaid your debts. By taking this course, you’ll get the information you need to get and keep your finances and credit on track. Click here.