Richard Bauer first came to FISC in spring 2015 when he was homeless, in legal difficulty and owed money to companies, friends and family. He was separated from his pet dog, MaGee, and was not able to enjoy his photography hobby. All of this led to the decline of his overall health.

After a few months of working with FISC and other community resources, Richard was nearly debt-free and had room in his budget to create a savings plan. Richard secured housing and was reunited in his new home with MaGee. His network of medical support elevated Richard’s health and allowed him to share his joy of photography with others.

“It was like the sun came out after a long period of cloudiness,” he said. “You feel the warmth of the sun. I felt free.”

Today, Richard still feels that sense of freedom and enjoys a life of self-sufficiency, mainly based on hard work and adherence to a plan.

He has developed many friendships within his retirement housing unit and is known for his welcoming nature. Although Richard said he has strayed occasionally from his spending plan, he still has a savings account that will someday allow him to take a trip to the Rocky Mountains, Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nev. There, he hopes to fulfill a lifelong dream of embarking on a photography adventure.

Richard describes his life as serene and loves sharing his story with others. He is truly representative of a FISC client who, with a little guidance and a lot of hope and hard work, can find financial peace of mind. FISC has helped many people like Richard gain financial strength. If you know of someone like Richard, encourage them to see FISC.

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