By Ginny Schroeder

Many of you are familiar with our feisty full-time volunteer, Maung Win, known to most of us simply as Win. Win is passionate about helping people to protect them from what they don’t know and to protect people from those who prey upon the uninformed.

Win began at FISC after reading an article in the newspaper in 1996, just months after he retired from Kimberly-Clark Corp. When he read the article he noticed there was a mistake in the math so he called the FISC office to express appreciation for the well-written article but also to point out the math error. From that he was invited to come in and see the FISC operation firsthand. When he came in, his first question was, “What took you so long to get back to me?” See what I mean about feisty?

Win realized the importance of what FISC was doing to help people learn how to manage their money and prevent the hardships that result from poor management. He began working as a mentor to two or three clients and then it grew from there. Win began teaching classes, including one on basic investing. He decided to get more training in the area of investments and attended a week-long class in Milwaukee where he became disgusted with what he saw as “ripping off clients” by selling them products they did not need, to benefit the pocket of the broker. Not afraid to express his opinion, Win said it started a “big argument” in the class.

Win decided he did not want to sell products but wanted to help people and protect them from financial planners who take advantage of uninformed people. Making money was not a priority to him. Always in pursuit of excellence, Win took it upon himself and at his own expense to enroll in the College for Financial Planning and pass the difficult certification test to become a certified financial planner. To this day, Win advises people on their investments but sells no products. He takes no fee but encourages donations to FISC instead.

Win has helped many people. In these latter years it primarily has been those who are not sure what to do with their investments and retirement. He has helped many widows who don’t know what to do after their spouses die, and recently he helped a man who had become disabled receive all the benefits and income that he can in his situation.

He tells the story of one widow who came in to see him crying after her husband died. She thought that all she had was Social Security. She also brought a box full of paperwork with her. Win sorted through this box with her and discovered that the woman actually had $750,000 in retirement funds. These experiences are what keep Win motivated.

One message Win wants everyone to understand is that ignorance is not bliss. We all need to become aware of our finances.

Thank you, Win, for your years of service that have been filled with determination, fire and passion. Here’s to another 20 years!